PrairieFresh Premium Pork
We understand there are many different lifestyles, priorities, and cooking preferences. With that in mind, we offer several lines of fresh, premium pork under the PrairieFresh®: brand:
PrairieFresh Prime® — our top-of-the-line pork for an eating experience just like the highest quality beef
100% Natural PrairieFresh® Premium Pork – for an all-natural taste like no other
PrairieFresh® Premium Pork – for fool-proof cooking and tender & flavorful pork every time
Find A Taste Like No Other® with PrairieFresh® Premium Pork.

PrairieFresh® Premium Pork is a Product of USA.
PrairieFresh Prime Pork
Say goodbye to dry, tough pork and prime yourself for an epicurean delight with PrairieFresh Prime®–grain-fed, hand-selected fresh pork. This pork with a high degree of intramuscular fat comes with a 100% tender and delicious guarantee. We’re sure it will remind of the same type of eating experience as the highest quality beef. Patent Pending
PrairieFresh Prime Pork Loins
We hand-select the best loins from the Seaboard Foods Quality Circle and then use a patent-pending process to infuse them with just the right amount of intramuscular fat and lean loin protein–like that found in the best cuts of beef. These loins constantly baste in their own internal and external juices while cooking–for extra-tender, super-flavorful results. Choose from a wide selection of delicious PrairieFresh Prime® Pork Loins.
Boneless Pork Loins and Tenderloins

PrairieFresh Premium Pork
PrairieFresh Premium Pork provides you guaranteed tender and flavorful pork each and every time. When you need fool-proof cooking, this pork provides the solution.
PrairieFresh Pork Ribs
We take great pride in the consistency and flavor of PrairieFresh® spareribs and backribs. How do we make our ribs look and taste the same every time? We own the farms and control the genetics, the feed, the environment and the processing so that each PrairieFresh® rib tastes and looks the same…every time.

100% Natural PrairieFresh Premium Pork
No additives. Minimally processed. Nothing to get in the way of the freshest, leanest, best-tasting pork available. That’s our guarantee when you buy Natural PrairieFresh® Premium Pork. With this all-natural product, you’ll be serving the safest, most wholesome, best-tasting pork available with no artificial ingredients, no antiboitic residues and no added hormones.*

*Federal regulations and PrairieFresh do not allow antibiotic residues or added hormones in pork production.
Natural PrairieFresh Pork Loins
You’ll find all types of 100% Natural PrairieFresh® loins, from bone-in to boneless to tenderloins to sirloins.

Natural PrairieFresh Pork Ribs
We take great pride in the consistency and flavor of PrairieFresh® spareribs and backribs. Because we work so hard to make our products consistent, you can expect the same eating experience each and every time. We offer a variety of sizes and styles of backribs, St. Louis Style ribs and spareribs to meet your needs.

Natural PrairieFresh Pork Shoulder Butts & Picnics
For every shoulder butt application, Natural PrairieFresh® Premium Pork offers a variety of cuts from 1/4 trim whole shoulder butts to 1/8 trim steak ready cuts. You’re guaranteed fresh and wholesome pork because of quality control points that are part of the Seaboard Foods Quality Circle.

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